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April 23 through August 23, 2010
at the ASMS Gallery, 1255 Dauphin Street, Mobile, AL 36604

"I do not see a profound difference between art and science. I feel as if they are engaged in different aspects of negotiating the world, of figuring out this precarious balance between inside and outside, the theories that we make about ourselves... and this kind of lovely two-way portal between what we can measure and reproduce and what we intuit and feel in our viscera."
– Richard Powers, American novelist

I am interested in the relationship between mathematics and art, the way in which they both derive their beauty from truth, and the way in which they are both products of human perception. I am interested in the common view of mathematics as being something separate from art, when I perceive them as both providing the same sort of aesthetic experience. I find that the beautiful biological and electronic devices currently being produced by scientists and engineers in the lab are just as valid an art form as paintings on the wall, as both require creative thinking. I feel that any experience, be it traditionally artistic, mathematical, or scientific, is more sublime when you understand the elements and their role within the system, so many of my pieces include definitions, examples, formulas, and/or graphical representations of the ideas I am presenting. This method of showing a subject from many angles simultaneously to put the work in better context was used by the Cubists, albeit with fairly different techniques. My media are mixed, starting usually with collage and photographic elements, layered with paintings of “found” math formulas, definitions, and diagrams from my many mathematical notebooks.

Click here for a .pdf of the gallery handout with descriptions of each piece!

Dionysus: y=2sin2x+cosx
mixed media on masonite, 2010

Rectifiable Curve
mixed media on masonite, 2007

Live Oaks: y=sinx+x and y=cosx-x
mixed media on masonite, 2010

Fibonacci Octopus
mixed media on masonite, 2010
Some of my early adventures in visual mathematics:

stellated dodecahedron   knot theory ceramic decoration
Stellated dodecahedron, 2005            Celtic knot plate, 2004