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art i make
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  =visual mathematics
  =functional art
  =film as art
  =improvisational music

art i admire
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blue knitted lace shawl
Knitted lace shawl, 2010
circle skirt
Circle skirt, 2009
handbound book
Handbound journal, 2009
Functional artforms I enjoy: knitting, crochet, ceramics, bookbinding, sewing, cooking, jewelry-making
Functional artforms I would like to learn: cabinet-making, welding

Knitting Basics
Whether you are currently taking my knitting class, already know how to knit and need a refresher, or are trying to learn how to knit on your own, the following are very good instructional videos to help you out.
     Long tail cast on (how to get your yarn on the needles)
     Knit stitch - English (or American) Style
     Knit stitch - Continental (or International) Style
     Purl stitch (English)
     Purl stitch (Continental)
     Binding off (how to get your yarn off the needles)

Knitting Patterns
There are many knitting patterns available on the web. Some of my favorite free pattern sources include:
     The Yarn Cottage, Fairhope