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  =visual mathematics
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  My husband Zack helped   me CAD some of my simple   knot and link drawings.

  3D-printed versions now
  available to purchase
  on Shapeways!

I have been known to be a regular participant in the Mobile Bay Film Scramble with
my sister-in-law Renae Brewer. Our most
recent film premiered on June 22 at the
Crescent Theater. As part of the Mobile Bay Film Scramble 5: Summer Silents, Renae
and I filmed an adaptation of the Japanese folk tale "The Fox Spirit."

Our puppet show theater production features characters designed by Sol Davis and
a soundtrack by Jimmy Lee.

We would like to recreate this on a large scale and present a live action version at
some point as part of Mobile's Arts Alive! and Temporal City festivals.
Follow our progress with that project on Tumblr.

art.not.apathy filmography:

"The Fox Spirit" adapted and directed with Renae Brewer, June 2012.
     Created for the Mobile Bay "Summer Silents" Film Scramble 5.
"The Shoebox Bear Hauntings" written and directed with Renae Brewer,
     September 2011. Created for the Mobile Bay "Haunted" Film Scramble 3.
"Never Odd or Even" written and directed with Renae Brewer, March 2011.
     Created for the Mobile Bay "Yellow Flowers" Film Scramble.
"The Walmart Ninja Incident" supporting actor. Directed by Logan Bowes, April 2011.
     Created for the 2nd Annual SAFA Film Festival.
"An Echo in the Tunnel of Illusions" written and directed with Renae Brewer,
     October 2010. Created for the Mod Mobilian "Giallo" Film Scramble.
"Googly Island" with Ryan Jetten, Renae Brewer, and Will Fawcett, February 2010.
"Could an Idea be Inherently Bad?" written and directed, January 2010.
     Created for the DCWF "Johnny Jenkins" Film Scramble.
"Nuclear Winter" written and directed with Zack Brewer, September 2009.
     Created for the PhonoSutra "End of the World" Film Scramble.
"Killer Robot" with Zack Brewer, 2007, footage lost.